Tackle and prevent dandruff on your dog’s skin

Your dog has dandruff and you want to help him get well quickly? We have compiled the most important information and advice for treating this skin disease. Learn about the causes of dandruff and how you can tackle and prevent dandruff effectively.

Dandruff and your dog: Causes

Especially in autumn and winter time dry indoor air is often responsible for dandruff on your dog’s skin. However, behavioral problems, metabolic disorders, parasites and allergies might also be a possible cause of this skin disease. Dogs at an advanced age can become ill more easily then young dogs.

Incidentally, there are two different types of dandruff: white dandruff (called Seborrhe) due to dry skin. And large yellow dandruff that arises due to excessive sebum production. This type of dandruff adheres very firmly and is also very difficult to remove.

Detect dandruff in your dog’s fur

schuppen-beim-hund-erkennenAs can be seen on the photo, the little spots are difficult to detect. You have to look very carefully – even to find white spots on black fur. You should examine different body parts of your dog and look at the combed fur carefully.

Do you find white or yellow spots? So you should brush against the line of your dog’s fur by hand and examine the skin very exactly.

By the way, you can also smell dandruff. Because with dandruff your dog develops a stronger odor than usual.

How to tackle and prevent dandruff effectively

In winter and autumn time you can humidify the air in your living room with a water tank on the boiler. Please clarify with your vet if your four-legged friend suffers from food allergies and/or vitamin deficiency. A change in diet often works wonders.

A good, regular grooming is very important to control dandruff. We recommend our Cofix special brush with which you can easily vacuum spots.


Another side effect is that you give a nice massage to your dog. Cell renewal will be stimulated and further dandruff will be prevented. Please feel free to watch our short video clip.

Very dry skin can be treated additionally with a fatty ointment. If your dog has oily dandruff, you should let him have a bath and wash the fur with an organic dog shampoo. Please do not use 2 in 1 products or chemicals. Basically, you should always counteract the dandruff in consultation with your veterinarian.

Dandruff and the consequences

Scaly skin tends to stick together very quickly. Even bald spots may arise on the coat and the dog is suffering from itching. Therefore this skin disease is not to be trifled with and the dandruff should definitely be treated properly. Just like people suffer from dandruff, the dog also suffers from dandruff and the accompanying discomfort.

Therefore, counteract the dandruff now and get rid of it forever. We wish you best success. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have regarding the dandruff and the treatment with our dog brushes.