Effective dog care

The co-developed in Germany by vets pet brush system is ideal for dogs with dry skin: Dull skin is clean and shiny again. With 5 different pet brushes essays an individual care for every fur coat type and for each breed of dog is best ensured. Whether Chihuahua, Retriever, Shepherd or Leonberger. With our dog brush vacuum attachments you are on the safe side.

The brushes fit thanks to a universal adapter to virtually all standard vacuum cleaner (according to list) or can be readily and easily adapted for older models as required.
An additional hose extension up to a total size of 5m you are welcome to order here.

Dog Brush Cofix®


Cofix® dog brush is a health care system for your four-legged friend in conjunction with your household vacuum cleaner. Gently brush your dog’s coat and keep it clean and shiny. This new dog brush is ideal to avoid annoying pet hair in your home and in the most pleasant way to clean your dog’s fur and maintain. Pet hair removal is time consuming. But with our pet comb no longer an issue. The dog brush will not only remove dirt, dandruff and loose hair, but freed dirty fur pests and parasites, which can be a nuisance for both dog and owner increased especially after long walks in the woods.

With the Cofix® wellness care system, you can not easily remove ticks by adherent. This reduces the risk of diseases such as Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis, which is caused by bacteria and can infect the bodies) and significantly reduced TBE (tick-borne encephalitis).

Hundebürsten Kits für gute Fellpflege

Dog Brush Summary Of Services:

  • Cleans the skin gently coat, removes dirt, dandruff and loose hair
  • Removes ticks and fleas
  • Our 5 different Cofix® brush heads provide individual care for every skin type
  • By universal adapter fits all standard vacuum cleaners
  • Additional hose extension available on request
Loose dog hair