5 Brushes for all dog breeds

Discover our new, innovative dog brushes! For Pugs, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Shepherds, Collies and all other dog breeds you can imagine!

Perfect grooming

Use our award winning dog brushes to get rid of loose dog hair, dirt, dust and parasites. It´s so simple and effective! Groom your dog within a few minutes!

Satisfied Customers

More than 5000 satisfied customers use our Cofix® dog brushes around the world! What are you waiting for? Save time and money – now!

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Delivery to France

  • Dog Brush Kit A – medium-length coat

    59,00 tax included
  • Dog Brush Kit B – shorthair rough

    59,00 tax included
  • Dog Brush Kit C – shorthair soft

    59,00 tax included
  • Dog Brush Kit D – longhair

    59,00 tax included
  • Hundebürste Kit E - Langhaar-Fell Spezial

    Dog Brush Kit E – longhair special

    59,00 tax included

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