Which Cofix® dog brush fits to my dog?

Cofix® is suitable for all dog breeds! In total there are 5 different types of brush heads available. You can find the matching brush under: Shop -> Filter -> Dog breeds. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, just send us a picture of your breed: Contact. Then we are looking for the matching brush.

On which vacuum cleaners does Cofix® fit?

You can connect Cofix® to almost any standard vacuum cleaner. Each Cofix® kit comes with a universal adapter. The following models can be used immediately with the universal adapter:

AEG, AFK, Alaska, Arnica Bora, Beam, Bosch, BVC, Centrino, Columbus, Clatronic, Clean Maxx, Daewoo, Delfin, Dirt Devil, Dyson (see below), Eio, Elek Trends, Electrolux, EQU, Fakir Aris, Fawas, Fif, Hanseatic, Herby, Hoover, Hyla, Junior, Kärcher, Kirby, LG, Lura, Lux, Maxima Tiamo, Melanux 2002, Miele , Nilfisk, Numatic Henry, OK OVC, Otto Whisper, OVC-100, Panasonic, Parkside, Philips, Progress, Protool, Prowin, Quigg, Rainbow, Rehau Vacuclean, Rowenta, Sacura, Samsung, Sebo Airbelt, Severin, Siemens, Solac, Springtec, Stihl, Swirl, Tarrington House, Technostar, Tchibo EQU, Technostar, Thomas Twin, T2 vacuum cleaner, Vacu Valve It, Vacuflo, Vax, Württmaster

The following models require a special adapter, which you can order at the accessories shop:

Dyson DC * 11 * 16 * 19 * 20 * 21 * 22 * 23 * 24 * 26 * 29 * 32 * 35 * 37 * 52 * 54 * 62. Vorwerk Kobold * 118 * 119 * 120 * 121 * 122, Vorwerk Kobold VC * 100 * 130 * 131 * 135 * 136 * 140 * 150 * 270 VT, Vorwerk Tiger * 250 * 251 * 252 * 260 * 262 * 265 * 300

Why do you need a hose extension?

Since Cofix® is a complete system, the high quality, flexible and internally iron-coated hose extension as well as the two adapters are always required.

The adapter and the hose cannot be connected?

The Cofix® system is a left turning thread. Please turn the thread to the left until it is completely locked.

How to handle Cofix®?

The handling is very easy. Each Cofix® kit consists of an instruction including tips for fur care of your dog.

Please ensure that the coat is dry and not matted during treatment. Cofix® can prevent matted fur & knots very effectively but cannot remove them! Head, abdomen, legs and other sensitive body parts must be treated with special sensitivity. Attention! Never brush your pet’s sensitive areas (eyes, ears, genitals, anus and teats.

Can Cofix® harm the fur of my dog?

No. As long as you use Cofix® according to the instructions, there is no risk of injury. The brush heads of all 5 models have been carefully rounded and cannot injure even sensitive skin. The daily use is not harmful, but even recommended by us! You can prevent lots of skin diseases. Felt + knots have no chance!

Dandruff, dirt, dust, odors and parasites will be immediately sucked away. The loose hair end up in the vacuum cleaner bag instead of on your furniture and your clothing.

My dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner

Thanks to the 1,5 m long hose extension, you can place your vacuum cleaner far enough away from your dog so that he’s not bothered by it. This extension hose can be extended up to 5 meters, based on the length of your vacuum cleaner’s hose.

How to help your dog become accustomed to Cofix

Following the instructions, attach the Cofix® brush attachment to your vacuum. Take a moment to show the assembled Cofix® kit with hose and brush to your dog.

Leaving the vacuum cleaner off, begin to brush your dog. As he gets used to you brushing him, turn the vacuum cleaner on.

If your vacuum cleaner’s power level is adjustable, please keep it at the lowest setting. Praise your dog and give him a treat. Now, continue brushing along your dog’s back.

As he becomes accustomed to the sensation and starts to relax, slowly begin working your way forward. Before you know it, your dog will learn to welcome his Cofix® grooming routine as an additional dose of love and attention.

Remember to keep the Cofix® brush head in continual motion, using short brush strokes in the beginning. The more relaxed your dog becomes the higher you will be able to set your vacuum cleaner’s power setting. When doing this, please be especially careful of your dog’s most sensitive body parts.

Your dog is sure to love Cofix®! Within a short time, you’ll find him eagerly wagging his tail in front of you whenever he sees you assembling the Cofix® kit.

Is Cofix® also suitable for cats and horses?

Our dog brushes are real allrounders! You can also release your clothes, the car and your furniture from annoying hair. The Cofix® brushes are also increasingly used in cats and horses for fur care. Most suitable for this purpose are our short hair brushes.