Attention hair! Change in coat

It is inevitable an unfortunately usually a damn hairy situation – the change of coat on the dog! We will explain to you at what time the dog will change his coat and how you can cope with this situation very easily.

How often does the dog changes his coat?

Twice a year, the dog changes its summer coat into winter coat and vice versa. These phases in spring and autumn stand for much combing, brushing and vacuuming what means a lot of work for the dog owner. Some dogs throw the hair literally by themselves!

Why should dogs carry dead fur with them?

Throughout the year, the dog’s fur grows in a 6 to 8 week cycle. When the genetic length is reached, the hair falls out. Exceptions are trim-breeds; this fur has to be trimmed (removed). Otherwise the new hair cannot grow. A job for the dog groomer. All other dogs can use Cofix – but more on that later.

How is the dog’s fur structured?

Each dog fur consists of the topcoat and the undercoat. Compared to us humans the fur grows from a follicle (dermis). An outer coat encloses 6-12 hairs of the undercoat. The outer coat protects against injuries and external influences. The undercoat isolates heat and cold. Therefore it should not be removed completely! So good care must be thoroughly and gentle at the same time.

Clean change of coat thanks to Cofix®

You want to avoid your dog’s coat spread throughout the house, in the car or on your clothes? We have the solution. You can simply vacuum the loose hair.

Brushing the coat of your dog daily with our Cofix® brushes supports the change of the coat. Especially during the change of summer and winter dandruff may occur. Simply vacuum the dandruff and the loose hair with the Cofix® dog brush straight into your vacuum cleaner.

No flying hair in the apartment. Your dog will enjoy the additional massage and within a short time, you’ll find him wagging his tail in front of you whenever he sees you assembling the Cofix® kit.

Especially during the time of the change of the coat, an addition of Omega 3/6 rich oils (salmon oil, linseed oil, evening primrose oil), biotin, brewer’s yeast and egg yolk is a proven way to support the change of fur in the dog. Not only healthy – but also delicious!

Use the Cofix® dog brush from now on as well as high-quality food and the next coat change of your dog will be accomplished successfully