The Hot Spot dogs disease

Do you know the Hot Spot disease and what is responsible for this dog disease? Do you know how you can treat and prevent this special skin disease? It is a usually localized dermatitis which can occur your dog. This disease is often accompanied with heat, itching and flush. The bad consequences are that your dog is afflicted with strong pain and the inflammation causes a malodorous secretion!

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Golden Retriever liegt auf einem Teppich

Hot Spot and your dog

Hot Spot bei einem HundWhen a dog owner detects a round inflammatory spot on the skin of his longhaired dog, there might be many causes.First of all, it is necessary to clarify carefully the causes in order to find the correct medication. Although a Hot Spot on your dog is only a superficial dermatitis, it also causes uncomfortable symptoms.The hair stucks due to the secretion.Veterinarians often diagnose an acute exuding dermatitis. Dogs with long hair are particularly affected.

Dog breeds such as Golden Retriever, Newfoundland dog, longhaired Collie, German shepherd dog or the Berner Cattle Dog are more affected than short-haired dogs. But also dogs with short hair such as Labrador, Rottweiler and mixtures can get a Hot Spot.Consequently it can happen to any dog breed.

Most of the dog owners do not know what causes this inflammation. The beginning of the disease, the progress as well as the visual inspection are very important for the Veterinarians. Hair follicle inflammation, flea infestation as well as a local fungal attack have to be excluded.

Without locating the reason for the Hot Spot, the inflammation cannot be treated sensibly. If this has originated from fleabites an additional treatment with medicine against parasites must support the healing. If it concerns of a local fungal attack, an allergy or a weeping wound by bacteria other ways of treatment have to be chosen.

Dog flea – Scratching

hundefloh-kratzenIndeed two facts are necessary to arise the Hot Spot. An allergy, a superficial cut, an infestation with parasites or simple contact with nettles is possible. Flea bites, mite infestation or food allergies on their own never cause a Hot Spot. Only when the dog licks the spot again and again the Hot Spot arises. The dog tries to relieve the itching by licking and to counteract the secretion by hygiene. But the tongue of the dog only touches the spot in the reachable range.

Ear mite infestation causes a strong and frequently scratching. Vets do know that an allergy to the saliva of fleas or an itching flea bite often causes the Hot Spot. However, there are also cases known where the lack of care causes the Hot Spot to the favorite animal of the German.

Felted and unkempt dog hair provides a good basis for undiscovered fungal and parasitic infestation. It is also known that Hot Spots occur more frequently in warmer months than in the cold winter period. Warm and humid climate and poorly lifted hair are responsible for causing a Hot Spot.

What are the symptoms?

hot-spot-hautkrankheitIf you find purulent and exuding, unpleasant-smelling and often circular spots that hurt the animal apparently, it might be a Hot Spot. It is typical that the lesion is sharply demarcated from the rest of the skin. Often you can find the point of origin on the back or torso of the animal as well as on the legs or in the neck region.

The resulting wound leads to hair loss, so that the inflamed area is visible. Also striking is that you can discover hair loss in the surroundings of the Hot Spot caused by leaking secretions.

It is quite possible that there were no visible changes in the skin the day before. Although it mostly is a regionally limited inflammation, a spread to other skin areas is quite possible.

If the holder detects the inflammation due to long dog hair not soon enough, the dog nibbles at the wound edges and licks repeatedly to gain relief. The Hot spot can grow.

How can I treat Hot spots at dogs

If the dog owner became aware of a Hot Spot, a vet should be consulted. The affected skin areas must be shaved carefully. Subsequently, the affected skin will be disinfected and optionally treated with medicine for the healing of the wound. Determining the cause is the second important step. Without determining the cause it is very likely that the “Hot Spot” occurs again.

To prevent leakage a bandage will be applied or a ruff will be used. Within the next days the inflammations has to be disinfected daily. Probably the vet will prescribe medicine that can heal the wound faster. Frequently cortisone or astringents are given. Cooling compresses are also helpful. Antibiotics are necessary if obviously already a bacterial contamination in the inflamed area exists.

How to avoid Hot Spots?

To prevent Hot Spots a good grooming is necessary. Examine your dog’s coat regularly for parasites, ticks, fleas etc. Please don’t let the hair of your dog get matted. From tangles (or matted or knotted fur) and the resulting skin irritation a Hot Spot can occur rapidly and spread all over the dog. Please use for grooming and brushing your dog brush attachments, dog brush or dog comb that do not have sharp pins, bristles or edges to avoid hurting the skin.

In our Cofix brush system for your vacuum cleaner exclusively rounded bristles are available. No matter if your dog has long hair, short hair or extremely thick undercoat. We have the appropriate rounded brush attachment for every type of coat. Due to the rounded brush no injuries of the skin are possible.

By connecting the dog brush with your vacuum cleaner, the dog’s hair will be lifted up. Loose hair, dirt, dandruff and loose ticks can be easily and hygienically vacuumed. And everything without degreasing the dog’s skin.

Grooming of endangered dog breeds

Especially for dogs such as Leonberger, Newfoundland dog, Landseer and all breeds und types of coat which cannot be washed easily, the Cofix brush is the ideal grooming tool. Your dog will love the lifting of the hair in the summertime. And you contribute greatly to avoid the Hot Spot.

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